Enchanting Artworks Adorn Our School

We are very pleased to announce that our school has once again been enriched by the beautiful artworks of the talented artist Mona Ragy Enayat. Mona recently visited us and adorned the walls of our elementary school with her exceptional paintings.

After her impressive contribution to the kindergarten phase, Mona Ragy Enayat returned to add a new artistic touch to the elementary school walls. These new artworks showcase an astonishing variety of themes and colors, wonderfully fostering creativity and learning among our students. From vibrant animal worlds to enchanting fairy tale landscapes and abstract patterns – each artwork invites wonder and discovery.

Mona Ragy Enayat, the renowned artist who lives and works in Leipzig, has once again mesmerized us with her art. Her works are distinguished by the vibrancy of colors and the creativity of designs. Her ability to harmoniously blend colors and shapes adds a special beauty and warmth to our educational environment.

We thank Mona Ragy Enayat from the bottom of our hearts for her wonderful contributions and look forward to her next visit, where she will continue to beautify our school with her magical art. We warmly invite you to visit us and enjoy these amazing artworks that make our school a more inspiring and creative place.

A big thank you to Mona Ragy Enayat for her outstanding work and dedication!