FAQ - subject area Arabic colloquium

Rahn Schools Cairo is committed to teaching the national identity subjects of the Ministry of Education (Arabic language, religious education, social studies, national education) from first to twelfth grade.

The Arabic language is taught through educational games, stories and narratives to enrich the children's native language. It is also taught academically in preparation for the child's enrollment in school.

For the preparatory and secondary diplomas in the subjects National Identity, which are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, an examination is conducted.

If the student coming from abroad has a foreign citizenship, he/she receives a complete exemption from the study of identity documents.

In the case of dual citizenship, the student also receives a full exemption from the study of identity materials.

If the student is returning from abroad from a non-Arabic speaking country, he/she will receive a gradual exemption.

The submission of the secondary general education equivalent exam is mandatory for all students, including those who have earned the high school diploma.