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We also offer the following options:

Instrument carousel: which instrument should my child learn? Is it already that far? What would it be best for him? We can tell you that at the end of the course. In order to discover the love for one instrument together with the child, the 4 basic instruments are presented and tested in group lessons (flute, piano, drums, ukulele / guitar) over several weeks. At the end, the students receive an assessment of the individual instruments and can thus commit themselves.

Band and Ensemble: With our band and ensemble offer, students have the opportunity to make music in a band or an ensemble. The band rehearses different songs on the instruments drums, bass, guitar, piano and vocals, works on their own songs and presents them during the school year. In our ensembles (string, ukuleles or flute classes), the instrument is learned together in group lessons and songs that are presented during the school year are set to music.

Early musical education: Early musical education is intended for preschool children and promotes a general musical experience. It's not about learning sheet music or specifically learning an instrument, but rather it should playfully awaken the joy of experimentation and improvisation in singing, dancing and painting. In addition to the musical goals, the group lessons should also serve in particular to promote language skills. It's about singing, playing, dancing and painting!

Family-child course: In the family-child course, children playfully experience music together with a member of the family. People dance, play and sing together and that is more fun with grandma - mom - aunt - grandpa or dad. Together with your child, language, development and family ties are promoted and strengthened in a creative and playful way.