Goals and mission statement

To implement the quality policy, medium-term quality goals are defined for a school year / daycare year, which are regularly checked for their fulfillment.

In addition, there are long-term quality goals that serve to realize the legitimate customer requirements for the best possible school leaving certificate, such as competence, judgment and performance and being able to find one's way in the globalized world and help shape it.

On the way there, every member of the school community develops their skills responsibly and trustingly. Trust, responsibility and an appreciative approach form the common basis for our school life.

As an educational institution of Rahn Education, we educate in a territorially and culturally different environment. However, we are committed to the same humanistic and international values ​​in conveying knowledge.

We work across cultural and historical peculiarities to unite people, educate them to respect and tolerance towards other people, other lifestyles and other ethical and moral principles and thus take into account the growing globalization of our common world under local peculiarities.

We educate students to be questioning and questioning personalities, develop their intellectual creativity and promote their artistic and musical talents.

We develop and promote honesty, justice and equality as important components of a rational, but also an emotional worldview.

We encourage lifelong learning in our students, encourage them to be open to the world around them, and empower them to become compassionate citizens of the world.