In the past 10 days, 11 students from our school participated in a fascinating exchange program with the Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium in Leipzig. This program aimed to provide our students with a rich cultural and educational experience.

Highlights of the Exchange:

Berlin Exploration
: Our students had the opportunity to explore Berlin, experiencing the city’s rich history and modern attractions. They visited numerous historical landmarks and enjoyed the vibrant culture of the German capital.

Adventures in Saxon Switzerland**: The students engaged in various outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, abseiling, and paddling in the scenic Saxon Switzerland. This adventure offered them an exhilarating nature experience and a chance to build teamwork skills.

Reunion with Pen Pals:
A memorable part of the exchange was meeting with pen pals from the Freies Gymnasium Gröningen in Magdeburg. The students enjoyed exploring Magdeburg, playing games, and sharing meals, strengthening their international friendships.

Summer Festival in Leipzig: During the summer festival at the Gymnasium in Leipzig, our students proudly presented their experiences and adventures at our school’s stand. This event allowed them to share their journey with others and showcase the cultural exchange.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the host families and the Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium in Leipzig for their hospitality and support. Special appreciation goes to Mr. Ramez and Mr. Hany for their exceptional guidance and assistance throughout the program.

This exchange program has been an unforgettable experience for our students, enriching their education and broadening their global perspectives. We look forward to more such collaborative initiatives in the future.