Rahn Schulen Kairo

German-language school in 100 percent German ownership


Class Level 1-12

GIB Diploma Programme

Music School

Patron: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel

School Goals

Our students are competent, judgmental, and capable of finding their way around the globalized world and helping to shape it. On the way there each member of the school community develops its competence responsibly and confidently. Trust, responsibility, and an appreciative approach form the common basis for our school life together.

Learning at its best

Good learning conditions are important factors to be successful. Therefore we have been creating in our campus a pleasant learning environment. Friendly and bright rooms connected with joy of learning increase the learning abilities. The learning process should be associated with positive emotions in order to get excellent results. The children should learn with curiosity, which solves different challenges – that is learning at its best.

Experienced educators working hand in hand

Since establishing the Rahn Schulen Cairo in 2014, we are permanently under construction. Our team, dominated by people with cosmopolitan Vita, is constantly growing: Constantly enrich new experts, renowned educators, experienced teachers.

Using the knowledge of religion, culture People from Germany, other European countries and from Egypt are working hand in hand in our company which has 25 years educational experience in Germany and in Europa.

Information at a glance


recognize high talents
spoke promotion german and arabic
promote and contribute talents
Comfortable by bus to school
train competences
Imagination and creativity

Why Rahn Schools Cairo is more than just a school - living and learning in Germany.

With the Campus Stift Neuzelle we expand our school offer and give interested students the opportunity to complete their degree in a new environment far away from home.

In exchange with qualified teachers, the students develop on a professional and personal level and can make their own way in life according to their needs. The free development of each individual student is also supported by the artistic concept of the Rahn Schools.

Our promise to you is the best possible preparation for life after school, and the promise to your children is that school can be more than just learning.

Message to us

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 Rahn Schulen Kairo
 176 فوزي الغرباوي-قسم الخليفة،،, Al Abageyah, El Mukkatam, Cairo Governorate, Ägypten
 +20 22 7252555