Grade Level Fees amount
Kinderkrippe 86,360 LE
Kindergarten- KG 86,360 LE
Kindergarten- Vorschule 86,360 LE
Grundschule – Klassen 1 bis 6 89,170LE
SekundarstufeI -Klassen 7 bis 10 90,340 LE
Sekundarstufe I – IB DP Klassen 11 und 12 136,380 LE


Class 21 will be charged an amount of $167 excluding the transaction fee for each document issued by the IBO


Destination Price
Mokattam 12000 LE
Zahraa El Maadi 12500 LE
 Nasr City 13000 LE
El Rehab city – Heliopolis – Abasia – Settlments – Nozha – Maadi 14000 LE
Elmanial – El Dokki – El Mohandessen – Agouza – Shoubra – El Zaytton 14500 LE
Madinty – Al Haram – Faisal 15000 LE
Sheikh Zaied – 6 October City – Hadaeq El Ahram  16000 LE



  1. If the bus goes to 2 addresses, an amount of 1800 L.E. paid extra.
  2. For the remote areas, the number of children in the bus must be at least 9 students.
  3. The fees for the newly enrolled students are as a total right after
    Contract signing due and due for previously registered students on 08/01/2022. you
    but can also be paid in 2 installments, the 1st installment of 60% of the fees is new for the
    registered students immediately after signing the contract and for those who have already registered
    Students due on 08/01/2022 and the 2nd installment for all students of 40% due on 01/01/2023.
  4. The school bus fees must be paid in the above dates in order for the students
    can use the bus.
  5. There is no one-way or only return registration.
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