Do you want to learn German?

Möchten Sie Deutsch lernen

Levels A1 to B1
now in Al-Istethmar, Cairo
on one of the leading schools in Europe


  • Beginners level
A1 Course 100 hours/11 weeks
You will understand, speak and write your first German words and sentences.              4500 L.E
  • Elementary use of language
A2 Course 160 hours/19 weeks
You can understand and use information about your job, your family, and your basic needs. 6500 L.E
  • Independent use of Language
B1 Course 180 hours/ 19 weeks
Your written and spoken expressions become more sophisticated and you understand general conversations. 8000 L.E
  • Intensive Course

Our Intensive Courses are meant for pre-exam preparations or quick-fixes for entering pre-college programs. On demand only.   
 Duration &  Price depends on the size of the group.

RAHN Education

Rahn is a german non-profit offers experience across 40 locations worldwide with various state-ac-credited facilities, from daycare schools, high schools, and IB schools with a sporting and musical focus to vocational training and adult qualification programs.
Rahns’ expertise in language training courses rests on more than 20 years of experience in building and managing schools and the quality of our work has been certified!
Our ever-growing network of links and connections play
a major role in our schools, and we are committed to extending and utilizing this net-work to help our students grow.

The tried-and-tested strategy, "Made in Germany" is our. guarantee of success: In our Rahn language courses in Cairo, we pursue the German curriculum set down by the State of Brandenburg, - a guarantee for high quality and modern teaching methods.  

As a leading expert for German as foreign language we provide:

  • small study groups of 10 to 16 students
  • attractive course fees
  • close mentoring and coaching during and
      after your course
  • support to reach official certificates for college entry
  • after-course counselling for travels to Germany or
      preparation to study abroad (Rahn Studienkolleg)
  • trained staff with native Egyptian background
      to facilitate the entry for beginners
  • modern, well-equipped classrooms in
      Rahn Schulen Kairo Campus
  • a safe and multicultural learning environment
  •  vibrant teaching techniques following German
      tutoring standards
  •  long-standing experience and competence teaching

Top Reasons to learn German

  • Invest in your Future

    Germany is one of the three most popular destinations for international students. More than 15% of students at German universities come from all around the world, just like you.
    German universities offer an excellent level of teaching and research, amongst the best in the world. Over one hundred Nobel Prizes have gone to brilliant Germans for accomplishments in physics, medicine, chemistry, literature and other areas.
  • Business & Career

    In our globalized world foreign companies grow both in international relations and business demands. In 2021 Egypt hosts already 300 German companies – with rising tendency. Knowing German will make you a valuable candidate for any employer investing in international trade, market, media or technical business.
  • Quality and Professionalism

    German is the second most utilized language within the research and science sector. The language is associated to precision and probity. More 100 million people on the planet use German as Lingua Franca, - and it’s the second most common language in Europe.
  • German is Easy

    Chances are, as an Egyptian native you already speak substantial English, which shares the Germanic language root. This makes it easy to learn the very similar vocabulary.
    German stands for economic opportunity, networking potential and cultural gain - a language that will open doors!




Sunday & Tuesday (6pm-10pm) OR Monday & Wednesday (6pm-10pm)


Rahn Schulen Kairo Plot 15A Al- Istethmar Region, Muqattam, Cairo, Egypt

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