• School building and its area

    The school building is located in Mokattam Green District Area in Cairo. It includes a spacious outdoor area. The building is constructed out of four levels and it ensures enough space for all grades from kindergarten to IB.

  • Fire protection system

    Right from the start of the new building, great attention was given to the construction of an all-round fire protection system.

  • Modern network system

    The entire school building as well as the entire outdoor area are equipped with the most modern fiber optic technology, with which a stable and fast network is created.

  • Exterior design

    The separate side entrance of the school premises made reaching the school safe and free from any obstacles.

  • School Facilities

    Large green areas and plenty of shaded seating offer numerous opportunities for outdoor concerts or simply to relax and let off stress during the breaks.

  • Multifunctional sports field & Roman Theater

    With the multifunctional sports field, the Roman theater and the grandstand-like steps, the outdoor area offers great opportunities for the musical, artistic and sports events to be held.

  • Interior design

    Wide corridors, large classrooms and plenty of daylight create a pleasant learning environment. With its own color theme for each floor, the rooms create a pleasant atmosphere for learning.

Rahn Schulen Kairo "one hundred percent!"

German-language school in 100 percent German ownership

Rahn Schulen Kairo is a German-language school in the Egyptian capital which consists of 100 percent of German ownership. This non-profit educational company is situated in one of the most prestigious educational and cultural city of Leipzig in Germany. There are about 20 international branches which belong to the company. All the subjects in Rahn Schulen Kairo are taught according to German curriculum of Berlin and Brandenburg. The quality of Rahn Schulen Kairo is regularly checked by an independent German certification agency.

Much speaks for Rahn Schulen Kairo:

  • Musical and Artistic Education concept
  • Modern Kindergarten with late care
  • new admission in grades 1 to 12
  • IB (Mixed-language International Baccalaureate) planned for the school year 2017/18
  • possibility to get German final high school certificate in Neuzelle


In October 2015 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel, Prime Minister of the region Rheinland-Pfalz  and the State of Thuringia became a patron of the Rahn Schulen Kairo 

"I admire the initiative and the courage of Rahn Education to stabilize the country of Egypt and to strengthen the German-Egyptian relations. With the patronage I want to support this commitment "expressed Prof. Vogel his motivation for this step. Gotthard Dittrich is very happy about this development for Rahn Schulen Kairo: "We are proud and joyful satisfied that a personality of political life as the chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel is on our side which supports our goal of developing a free, non-profit, independent German school abroad.

The contact between Rahn Education and Prof. Vogel has existed since 2007, which is the year of founding Primary School in Altenburg, where Prof. Vogel is a patron from the very first day. In 2014, Prof. Vogel visited the campus in Neuzelle and held there his speech at the graduation ceremony. During this visit, he already could provide detailed information on the international orientation of Rahn Education.

The idea of patronage for Rahn Schulen Kairo was born during the conversation between Sameh Elmahmoudy (board member of the European Foundation of Rahn Education for Education and Culture), Gotthard Dittrich (CEO) and Prof. Vogel.

In March 2016 Prof. Vogel visited Rahn Schulen Kairo for the first time. The students showed him with great pleasure their school and prepared a patronage ceremony.

Our patron is Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel

To implement the quality policy, medium-term quality goals are defined for a school year / daycare year, which are regularly checked for their fulfillment.

In addition, there are long-term quality goals that serve to realize the legitimate customer requirements for the best possible school leaving certificate, such as competence, judgment and performance and being able to find one's way in the globalized world and help shape it.

On the way there, every member of the school community develops their skills responsibly and trustingly. Trust, responsibility and an appreciative approach form the common basis for our school life.

As an educational institution of Rahn Education, we educate in a territorially and culturally different environment. However, we are committed to the same humanistic and international values ​​in conveying knowledge.

We work across cultural and historical peculiarities to unite people, educate them to respect and tolerance towards other people, other lifestyles and other ethical and moral principles and thus take into account the growing globalization of our common world under local peculiarities.

We educate students to be questioning and questioning personalities, develop their intellectual creativity and promote their artistic and musical talents.

We develop and promote honesty, justice and equality as important components of a rational, but also an emotional worldview.

We encourage lifelong learning in our students, encourage them to be open to the world around them, and empower them to become compassionate citizens of the world.

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