New music school model in Egypt
For children and teenagers from age 6 - 18 years

Guiding principle

Music and art offer ways of expression that advance people in their cognitive and personal development. They give the personality of a child the impulses and challenges necessary to develop a healthy feeling of self-efficacy. Making music not only has an inestimable value in itself, it strengthens the individual in its social competence and gives important suggestions for self-reflection.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~Nietzsche

The German Music School Cairo aspires to a new music school model in Egypt. It aims at promoting the music creativity of children and youths, between the ages of 6 till 18, preparing them, if they wish, for a more advanced musical education. The school is a partner-school of the Clara Schumann Music School in Leipzig held by Rahn Education.

Information at a glance


Solfeggio & Choir
Early Musical Education

Our instruments come from Blüthner

We at the Cairo Music School only use pianos and grand pianos from the world-famous piano manufacturer Blüthner from Leipzig.

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