New music school model in Egypt
For children and teenagers from age 6 - 18 years

Guiding principle

Music and art offer ways of expression that advance people in their cognitive and personal development. They give the personality of a child the impulses and challenges necessary to develop a healthy feeling of self-efficacy. Making music not only has an inestimable value in itself, it strengthens the individual in its social competence and gives important suggestions for self-reflection.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~Nietzsche

The German Music School Cairo aspires to a new music school model in Egypt. It aims at promoting the music creativity of children and youths, between the ages of 6 till 18, preparing them, if they wish, for a more advanced musical education. The school is a partner-school of the Clara Schumann Music School in Leipzig held by Rahn Education.

Information at a glance


Solfeggio & Choir
Early Musical Education

Registration & Fees


Admission Test: New students may apply to the Music School at any given time. If the student has a previous musical background, his/her musical level will be determined through an admission test. 

Tuition Fees

Registration Fees: Registration fees of L.E. 500 per student must be paid upon initial enrollment.

Course Fees: Course fees will be calculated for the instrumental lessons in addition to solfeggio and choir training. These fees are to be paid twice annually at the beginning of each semester.

The course fees are L.E. 6500 per semester and should be paid directly following admission to school.

Reduction of Course Fees: Students who show exceptional talent and can present proof of limited parental income can apply for reduction of course fees. An approval of up to 50% tuition remission is possible.  

Course Fees for Music Early Education: Course fees are L.E. 3250 per Semester.

Our instruments come from Blüthner

We at the Cairo Music School only use pianos and grand pianos from the world-famous piano manufacturer Blüthner from Leipzig.

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