FAQ - subject area IB

International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Abitur is a German degree. All subjects are taught in German, except for the languages.

IB is an international diploma that is accepted worldwide. Some subjects are taught in English and some in German.

Each student must study 6 subjects:

1. Language A (Arabic or German)
2. Language B (English)
3. Social studies (history or business)
4. Sciences (chemistry, biology and/or physics)
5. The arts (or an additional science or an additional language)

Beside the 6 subjects there are the core subjects (Extended essay, Theory of knowledge and creativity, activity and service)

Yes, the main requirement is taking the English language must be one of the 6 subjects and that you receive a min of 24 marks. Some faculties have some restrictions on the subject choices like engineering, medicine,..etc.

For more details, please read our handbook that is published on our website or contact our IB coordinator through her email: marwa.afifi@rahn.education