Important rules

Language from the very beginning is in the focus

Improving language skills is very important to get from kindergarten to primary school. The German language is the most important means of communication. New vocabulary is daily specified and practiced in a thematic or social context, in accordance with the grammatical rules. In each group, German is spoken.
In case of free available places your child might be taken in the nursery schools. Testing of the German language skills is taking place only in Vorschule (preschool). In all other years the language capability is made systematically by everyday use of the German language.

Primary school
At the end of preschool it will be decided by the team of teachers who of the children can enter primary school. Language ability as well the skills the social skills should be taken into account.
For the entry of children from other institutions the language skills must be demonstrated on interview. The school administration informs you in advance.

Secondary school
It is possible to enter secondary school having been interviewed and having passed the tests in such subjects as German and Mathematics. The results are evaluated by the school administration and relevant subject teachers.

The admission takes place after the admission control: