FAQ - General

Parents complete the registration form either online (via Registration -> Online Registration) or directly at the school office.

Parents must bring school transfer documents from the previous school to the enrollment to enable the school transfer.

Parents must request documentation from the Ministry and submit it at the time of registration to enable school transfer.

Yes, school transportation is provided. Depending on which part of town the students are traveling from, the cost will vary. Parents should contact us directly for more information.

The artistic education has a high priority at Rahn Schulen Cairo and is based on the philosophy of Rahn Education, which has this profile at many locations. As a German school abroad, we see the artistic profile both as an opportunity for international cooperation and as a deepening of language acquisition. Already in our preschool in the kindergarten the children get a musical offer. In our elementary school, choir is also integrated into our schedule as an extended subject from grades 3 to 8, in addition to school music lessons. Ballet and dance classes are also included in the schedule from grades 1 to 6. In the secondary school there is also an additional band offer. In the upper school (IB), our artistic profile is also intensively implemented through the subject CAS (Creativity - Service - Action).

Except for the subjects Arabic, Arabic History and Religion, which are taught in Arabic, and of course the foreign languages, English and French, all subjects are taught in German.

In addition to German and Arabic, students are also taught English and French. English is taught from the 1st grade and French from the 6th grade. Students take the internationally recognized French DELF exam in 10th grade and receive a language certificate.

Our curriculum is based on that of the state of Brandenburg. Both the distribution of lessons, subjects and content are based on the German curricular regulations of Brandenburg. You can find the regulation under the following link.

Classes begin at 7:30 am and end at 2:30 pm. In addition, our German Music School Cairo offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in the instrumental area.

No. However, it is still useful for parents to support the child's language development (by learning the language themselves or with exposure to German culture, books, movies, etc.).

Generally, you can enroll your child at any time by completing the online registration at the following link. Only after passing an entrance test and assuming a spot is available in the desired grade level will registration take place.

We use a digital class book in which all our teachers enter their lessons including homework. You can take a look at the SWOP digital class book here.

We celebrate the traditional German festivals with the students: St. Martin's Day, St. Nicholas' Day, Christmas, Carnival, and also Easter. In December there is also a Christmas market. Usually there is also a final concert at the end of the school year. The traditional festivals of Egypt such as Ramadan are also celebrated. There are also project weeks, reading competitions, sports days, music events, hiking days, and sports and art projects.

If a child is ill and cannot attend school that day, parents inform the school office by calling or emailing the school. The school office will then notify the appropriate classroom teacher with the notation in the digital gradebook. Please provide a written excuse.

Yes, in our dress code, children wear a school t-shirt from kindergarten to school.