Our school

Learning as an active process

The content and the methods of teaching process are leading parts of secondary education from grades 1 to 6. An active learning, constructive process, the joy, curiosity about the course content and the active participation of the learning process are the bases of daily school life. Through a close relationship to life and learning in class we design educational process as a social one.

The ability to control their own learning process confidently is important to achieve better results and that ensure that our students acquire an important conditions for lifelong learning.

With modern teaching methods we encourage our students to be successful for their graduation.

The educational concept of our secondary school

Pedagogical skills for a successful conclusion
The teaching from grade 7 is based on a particular plan.

According to the curricular requirements different tests (written and oral) and exams are carried out regularly.
The numbers of tests are settled by leading teachers of different departments.

Variety of methods
To promote the motivation of our students and to appeal to different learning channels there are variety of methods which are used in our school.

Competence orientation
Cooperative learning and the use of new media are the basis for a modern teaching process and standard for every teacher. Frontal teaching and student-centered teaching phases changed regularly.

Excursions & Project Work
Successful learning is not only the school building – regular excursions are carried out in order to make any subject even more vivid and immediate. A project work is practically important to show our students how to be independent.

Extracurricular Orientation
Learning and acquiring knowledge and skills do not take place regardless of the reality of life. Our school also is based on the performance requirements of the extracurricular life. This enables our students a smooth transition and numerous opportunities for a successful life after school.